What Is Wpi In Knitting?

How do you calculate WPI in knitting?

To calculate the wraps per inch ( WPI ), simply wrap the yarn around a pencil or knitting needles. Don’t wrap too tightly, just provide the normal slack you would if you were knitting. Wrap the yarn for approximately 3-4” along the pencil/needle. Use a ruler and count the number of wrap per inch.

How many WPI is DK yarn?

Yarn Weight Chart (or ‘how many WPI is that?’)

Yarn type Wraps per inch ( wpi )
Double knit ( DK ) 11 wpi
Sport 12 wpi
Fingering or 4-ply 14 wpi
3-ply 16-18 wpi


What weight yarn is 12 WPI?

International standard weights

USA UK Wraps Per Inch,
1 or Super Fine 4 ply 14-24 wpi
2 or Fine 12 -18 wpi
3 or Light DK (Double Knit) or 8 ply 11-15 wpi
4 or Medium Worsted, Aran, Triple Knit (rare) 9- 12 wpi


What are the different weights of yarn?

Yarn Weight (Thickness)

Yarn Weight US Needle Size Knitting Stitches Per Inch, in Stockinette Stitch
Fine or sport- weight 3–6 5–6
Light worsted or DK (double-knitting) 5–7 5–5 1/2
Medium- or worsted- weight, afghan, Aran 7–9 4–5
Bulky or chunky 10–11 3–3 1/2
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How is WPI calculated?

Calculation of WPI

  1. Ii = (Current Price / Base Period Price) × 100.
  2. These elementary indices are the lowest level of aggregation where prices are combined into price indices.

Is DK yarn 8 ply?

8 – ply yarn, also known as DK or light worsted, is the most popular of all the yarn weights. It’s a versatile balance between lightness and texture, letting you create fine stitches where needed without taking forever to knit up.

Can you knit a DK pattern in 4ply?

A 4 ply is the same as fingering or baby weight and doubling it should get the same gauge as DK on the same needles. Other wise you ‘ll have to use much smaller needles and if you follow the pattern numbers, will get a smaller item.

Can I use worsted instead of DK?

‘ Can I substitute DK yarn for worsted?’ You can! But it’s worth bearing in mind that DK is a slightly thinner yarn to worsted, so the best way to substitute is by going up a needle or hook size so that the tension will be the same.

How do you know the weight of yarn?

Count the wraps within the inch, and compare against these measurements below:

  1. Lace or 2 ply: 35 or more.
  2. Light fingering, sock, or 2 ply: 22 – 34.
  3. Fingering or 4 ply: 19 – 22.
  4. Sport: 15 – 18.
  5. DK: 12 – 17.
  6. Worsted or Aran: 9 – 11.
  7. Bulky or Chunky: 8 – 10.
  8. Super Bulky or Super Chunky: Anything that has 7 or less wraps per inch.

What ply is light weight yarn?

Yarn Weight Conversion Chart
UK USA Australia
4 ply Sport 5 ply
DK DK/ Light Worsted 8 ply
Aran Worsted 10 ply
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What is 4 ply weight yarn?

What is 4 – ply yarn? 4 – ply yarn has four smaller strands twisted together to create the yarn. It is often a medium or double knitting (DK) weight yarn, but it can vary from laceweight to super bulky based on the fibers is it is made of.

What are the 3 major yarn categories?

There are 4 different types. Wool Type Fine, Wool Type Medium, Wool Type Long and Wool Type Double – coated. Types of fine wool yarn such as merino are wonderfully soft. Pure new wool /virgin wool is made directly from animal fleece and not recycled from existing wool garments.

What is size 4 yarn in us?

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Yarn Weight Types of Yarn Crochet Gauge Hook Size
#3 DK, Light Worsted Weight 12-17 sts to 4 ” on US 7 to I-9 hooks
# 4 Worsted, Aran Weight 11-14 sts to 4 ” on US I-9 to K-10.5 hooks
#5 Chunky, Bulky Weight 8-11 sts to 4 ” on US K-10.5 to M-13 hooks
#6 Bulky, Roving Weight 7-9 sts to 4 ” on US M-13 to Q hooks


What is a 3 weight yarn?

3 —Light (DK, Light Worsted) Slightly heavier than a fine weight yarn, this weight is used for items such as garments and heavier baby items. 4—Medium (Worsted, Afghan, Aran) Worsted weight yarn is the most frequently used. 6—Super Bulky (Roving) Super bulky yarn is a thick yarn that works up quickly.

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