Readers ask: What To Use As Stitch Markers For Knitting?

Can I make a stitch marker?

To put any of the stitch markers together, you’ll need to first open up your jump ring. You’ll take two pairs of pliers (one in each hand), on each side of the “split” in the ring. Then gently pull them opposite directions to open. Then you’re ready to put anything inside that jump ring to assemble your stitch marker.

Can I use a safety pin instead of a stitch marker?

If you ever leave your knitting in the car, be sure NOT to use those little plastic coiled stitch markers! I find that safety pins and loops of size 10 crochet cotton (or you could use embroidery floss) work best for stitch markers.

What can I use instead of a stitch holder?

The best knitting stitch holders are visible against the yarn, smooth, and long enough to hold the number of stitches you need. Common substitutes are safety pins, paper clips, thread/yarn, repurposed and reshaped jewelry, wooden skewers, or unused knitting needles.

Do you need stitch markers?

If you ‘ve ever lost count of your knitting stitches or lost your place in your pattern, knitting stitch markers are for you. Stitch markers are often kept on the needle but you can also attach them to the knitting itself. In short, they are essential to knitters and must-haves because they are so helpful.

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What are the best stitch markers for crochet?

10 Of The Best Stitch Markers That I Found

  • 1) Besmelyin 240 Pieces Knitting Stitch Marker.
  • 2) ChiaoGoo Stitch Markers.
  • 3) HiMo Mix Color Knitting Stitch Counter Crochet Locking Stitch Markers.
  • 4) Yarnladies Mix Black and White Color Knitting Stitch Counters.
  • 5) HiMo 100 PCS Colorful Knitting Stitch Rings.

What does a stitch marker look like?

It has the shape of a safety pin but is shorter and rounder. Just like the pin, one end locks into the top piece to keep it secure. These stitch markers can be slipped over the needle or quickly locked into any loop in your knitting where you need to leave a mark.

Can I use a stitch holder as a cable needle?

It works great as long as purl stitches aren’t part of the cable and the yarn is wool because those stitches just seem to sit up and wait to be picked up by the needle again. I used a DPN until I learned how to cable without a needle. I use a DPN that’s close in size to the regular needle I’m knitting with.

What can I use instead of a knit hook?

Hopefully with real needles this time!

  1. Nails.
  2. Match Sticks.
  3. Pencils.
  4. Chopsticks.
  5. Pick Up Stix.
  6. Lollipop Sticks.
  7. Drumsticks.
  8. Broomstick Handles.

What can I use instead of a cable needle?

4 ways to cable without a cable needle

  • Use a pencil. Or a toothpick or a chop stick or any roughly needle -sized clean object.
  • Pinch and slip. When you reach the cable section, slip the stitches (2 for C4F) you would normally put on a cable needle off the needle entirely, holding them pinched in your fingers.
  • No pinch!
  • Knit the twist in.

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