Readers ask: How To Seam Knitting?

What does seam mean in knitting?

This seam is used to join two bound-off edges, such as shoulder seams, and is worked stitch by stitch. You must have the same number of stitches on each piece. Pull the yarn tight enough to hide the bound-off edges. The finished seam resembles a row of knit stitches.

Can you knit a hat on straight needles?

Good news! It’s easy to knit a hat on straight needles. A hat knit in the round is usually cast on at the brim edge, joined, then worked in the round all the way to the top of the hat, with shaping for the crown.

How do you knit two pieces of yarn together?

With the overlap method, you overlap your working yarn with the new yarn and knit into the next few stitches with both yarns held together. Then, just let go of the old yarn and continue knitting with the new yarn. Later, weave in the ends at the join and you’re good to go. Easy!

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