Readers ask: How To Fix Ladders In Knitting?

How do you stop a ladder when knitting cables?

If you notice ladders after you’ve finished knitting, you can minimize their appearance by using a tapestry needle or fine knitting needle and pulling up the slack on the ladder, then working the excess yarn back into the knit stitches on the cable.

Why is my first row of knitting so loose?

If your cast-on stitches are too loose, you can try using needles a size or two smaller. But make sure you don’t overcompensate and make your stitches too tight. You can also try to space the stitches closer together on the needle as you cast on. Most cast ons start with a slipknot (right).

What does a dropped stitch look like in knitting?

A dropped stitch looks like this: a loose stitch with strands of yarn above it. Then, pull the dropped stitch over the strand of yarn and off the needle. The dropped stitch has climbed up by one row. We’ll continue to move it up, row by row, until it reaches the main needle.

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