Readers ask: How Do You Cast Off Stitches When Knitting?

How do you cast on two stitches at a time?

Magic Loop two -at- time

  1. Using yarn A, cast on HALF the stitches you need for the first sock.
  2. Slide the yarn A stitches (the ones you just cast on) away from the needle tip, sliding it over to the other side of the needle.
  3. Using yarn B, cast on ALL the stitches you need for the second sock.

What is the advantage of casting on thumb method?

The advantages of the thumb cast on: It creates a stretchy cast on and therefore is suitable for garments that need give e.g. sock and mitt cuffs (a revelation for me as hinted at in the introduction above!) It is simple to do in the middle of your knitting as you continue to work in the same direction.

How do you cast off with 3 stitches?

Turn your work. Bring the yarn to the front of the work. Slip one stitch from the left needle to the right needle and pass the unworked stitch over the slipped stitch. Then bind off two more stitches to get three bound off stitches in total.

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