Quick Answer: What Is Entrelac Knitting?

How do you knit entrelac?

To begin an entrelac piece, you will first knit a row of foundation triangles to leave a flat edge on your work. Then, you begin picking up stitches along the edges of these triangles to form a row of rectangles, similarly to the way you would join mitered squares in modular knitting but on a smaller scale.

Is entrelac knitting difficult?

Unlike most basketweave stitches, entrelac works on the diagonal and in different directions so it truly looks like strips of woven knitting. Worked in short rows, you can knit this type of pattern in one or more colors. Although this technique requires a lot of steps, each step is small and easy to learn.

What is Entrelac Stitch?

Entrelac is a knitting technique used to create a textured diamond pattern. While the result resembles basket-woven strips of knitted fabric, the actual material comprises interconnected squares on two different orientations.

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