Quick Answer: What Is C6b In Knitting?

What does C6B mean?

You can knit a six-stitch left-twisting cable (abbreviated C6F) and a six-stitch right-twisting cable ( C6B ) with ease. Work a six-stitch cable when you come to the direction C6F or C6B in a pattern.

What does CB6 mean in knitting?

CB6 – slip 3 sts on to cable needle and hold to back of work.

How many rows are in between cables?

Standard cables have the same number of plain rows between turning rows as there are stitches in the cable. If the cable is 6 stitches wide, for example, you work the turning row every 6 rows.

What does 3 1 RPC mean in knitting?

3/1 Right Purl Cross ( 3/1 RPC ) and its chart symbol. The steps for 3/1 RPC in right-handed knitting are: Slip one stitch to a cable needle, and hold to the back of the work. Knit three stitches from the left needle. Purl one stitch from the cable needle.

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