Quick Answer: What Is Bo In Knitting?

What does blind off mean?

Definition of Blind Off. Blinding off means that the dealer will collect the blinds and antes that this player would have paid, plus his cards will automatically be folded (unless he is in the BB and everybody checks around).

What are the abbreviations for knitting?

Knit Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
Sl1K Slip next stitch knitwise
Sl1P Slip next stitch purlwise
ssk Slip next 2 stitches knitwise one at a time. Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together
st st stockinette stitch


Is binding off the same as casting off?

Binding off, sometimes called casting off, actually creates a final row of fabric, so what stitches you work as you bind off does make a difference. You can simply knit across as you bind off as many people do; but upon close inspection you’ll see the difference in the details.

What is blind mean?

unable to see; having severely impaired or absolutely no sense of sight; sightless: a blind man. unwilling or unable to perceive or understand: They were blind to their children’s faults. He was blind to all arguments. not characterized or determined by reason or control: blind tenacity; blind chance.

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How do you do a loose bind off in knitting?

How to Work Jeny’s Stretchy Bind – off

  1. Knit or purl the first stitch as called for.
  2. Yarn over backward (bring yarn from back to front over right needle), then knit 1.
  3. On your right needle, pull stitches 2 and 3 over stitch 1; one stitch bound off, one stitch on right needle.

What does M stand for in knitting?

Also on this page:

Abbreviation Description
lp loop
m marker
M1 or M1K make one stitch knitwise; single knit increase
M1R make one right; single right-leaning knit increase


What does FB mean in a knitting pattern?

Knitting in the front and back of the same stitch is one way to increase the row by one stitch. In this video we will show you how to increase a stitch using the knit front back method.

What does YBK in knitting mean?

ybk is an abbreviation for yarn back. When you see this instruction, you will want to bring your working yarn from the front of the work to the back, making sure that it passes under the needle tips.

What does Fasten off mean in knitting?

How to Cast off ( fasten off ) your knitting. To cast off the end of yarn, use a yarn needle. Make the last stitch of the row a little bit longer in order to avoid its getting loose. Cut your working yarn with leaving a free end having the length of 10-15 cm in order to you can pull it through the needle.

How do you pull through a cast off?

How to ” pull through” to cast off

  1. At the cast off edge, break the yarn leaving a long tail.
  2. Take the darning needle through the first live stitch on the knitting needle.
  3. Pull the darning needle all the way through the stitch, and let the stitch fall off the knitting needle.
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How do you knit the last stitch in a row?

You slip the stitch by inserting the right needle tip into the stitch on the left needle as if to knit, and then you slip that stitch from the left to the right needle without involving the working yarn. Then you knit the next stitch as normal.

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