Quick Answer: What Does Work Even Mean In Knitting?

What is working even in knitting?

When the phrase “Work even ” appears after a series of increases or decreases, it means to stop increasing or decreasing for shaping and simply work in your pattern stitch (in the case of Cameron, that’s stockinette stitch with the stripe sequence) until the piece measures the specified length.

What work even means?

” work even ” usually means work only the stitches on the needle, no increases or decreases. By ” working stitches as they appear” they mean knit the knits, purl the purls.

What does work 1 row even mean?

You are going to work each stitch of the current row into the same number of stitches that are in the previous row. Another way of saying this is that ” work even ” means that you continue crocheting the same number of stitches as the previous row or round, without doing any shaping.

What does continue even mean in knitting?

Since this is a sleeve, you may have been periodically increasing at the sides after knitting the cuff. Continue even means with no shaping, so no increases or decreases, just continue in stockinette. When it says total length, it usually means from the cast on edge.

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What does work 3 rounds even mean in knitting?

Work Even Defined In a knitting or crochet pattern, work even simply means “keep doing whatever you’ve been doing without increasing or decreasing”. Here’s a knitting example: Rows 1, 3 and 5 (RS): K1, ssk, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1—2 sts decreased. Rows 2, 4 and 6: Purl.

What does SSK mean in knitting?

What is slip slip knit? Slip slip knit (ssk) is a left-leaning decrease method. To ssk you simply reduce the number of stitches in your row of knitting by slipping 2 stitches knitwise from your left-hand needle onto your right-hand needle.

What does work two rows even mean in knitting?

It means to work two rows without any shaping, in this case to knit one row and purl one row.

How do you do a stocking stitch?

To work stocking stitch, you simply knit all the stitches of one row, then purl all the stitches of the next row, then knit a row, then purl a row, and so on, alternating rows of knit and purl.

How do I read a knitting pattern?

The gauge of a pattern is indicated by a measurement, something like six stitches and 10 rows equals 4 inches in pattern stitch on size 13 needles. That means if you were to knit in whatever the pattern stitch is across six stitches and 10 rows, you should get a 4-inch square.

What does work all stitches as they appear mean?

** Work all stitches as they appear means to work the purl stitches as purls and the knit stitches as knits. This is a common instruction in knitting patterns that have Right Side and Wrong Side rows where the pattern changes all happen on Right Side rows and the Wrong Side ones are worked even.

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What does Patt to end mean in knitting?

It means to work in whatever pattern stitch you’ve established in the previous rows. In this case, the k1p1 rib pattern. Make sure the columns of knits and purls line up as you work across the row.

What does Patt mean in knitting?

Also on this page:

Abbreviation Description
p purl
pat or patt pattern
pfb purl 1 into front and back of a stitch; single purl increase
pm place marker


What does end with a RS row mean in knitting?

The pattern says, “Work in Garter st (knit every row ) for 2 inches [5 cm], ending with a RS row. This means that the last row you knit before you bind off should be a right side row of the pattern. So, the bind off row would be a wrong side row if you were to continue to knit.

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