Quick Answer: In Knitting What Does Tbl Mean?

What does k2tog TBL mean?

basic single left-slanting decrease k2tog tbl. Knitting (or purling) two stitches together through the back loops is a decrease that slants the stitches to the left on the knit side of the work. It is abbreviated as k2tog tbl (or p2tog tbl ).

What does through back of loop mean in knitting?

To knit through the back loop, you form the stitch in exactly the same way, but on the loop at the back of the needle instead of the loop at the front of the needle.

Is SSK the same as K2tog TBL?

K2tog – tbl does not produce the same result as SSK: with k2tog – tbl the stitches get twisted (they don’t in the SSK ). The two stitches do look different. And if you don’t like the ‘wiggly line’ that sits above a column of SSK decreases, work the stitch that sits above the decrease, in the even rows/rounds, tbl.

How do you knit a KFB stitch?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Insert the right needle into the first stitch.
  2. Make a knit stitch but do not drop off the left stitch just yet.
  3. Bring the needle over to the back and insert it at the back of the stitch.
  4. Wrap yarn around the tip of the right needle anti-clockwise.
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What does k3tog TBL mean in knitting?

k3tog tbl (through the back loop)

What does k2tbl mean?

K2[I]tog[/I]tbl is a decrease, but k2tbl just means to knit 2 sts tbl separately.

What is KFB in knitting?

KFB means to knit into the front and back of the same stitch… making one stitch into two…so easy! You will see this used on many different patterns out there.

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