Quick Answer: How To Use Stitch Markers In Circular Knitting?

Why do you need to use stitch markers in knitting?

If you ‘ve ever lost count of your knitting stitches or lost your place in your pattern, knitting stitch markers are for you. Stitch markers are often kept on the needle but you can also attach them to the knitting itself. In short, they are essential to knitters and must -haves because they are so helpful.

How do you count rows with stitch markers?

Place a marker where you want to start counting. If the pattern says to decrease every ten rows, place a marker when you make a decrease and its easy to keep track of when it’s time to do the next.

What is a stitch marker in knitting?

Stitch markers are little round items—usually made of plastic or metal—that can be slipped onto a knitting needle to mark a certain place in a row. From marking a place in your row to holding dropped stitches until you can fix them, stitch markers have a number of uses.

Does the cast off row count as a row?

The cast on doesn’t count as a row. And that you don’t count your cast on if you’re counting rows. But there is one exception to this. If you use the Long Tail cast on method, and knit the first row (working flat, not joined in the round), then your cast on edge looks like a purl ridge.

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