Quick Answer: How Do You Read A Knitting Chart?

How do you follow a knitting pattern chart?

Typically, for right side rows, you will work the stitches one at a time from RIGHT to LEFT. So where only right side rows are shown, this means that you read each row shown in the chart from RIGHT to LEFT. To work the wrong side rows, follow the instructions given in the text or chart notes.

What does pm mean in knitting?

Place Marker ( pm ) Some knitting patterns will say place marker in the knitting instructions, or write it as “ pm ”. What does this mean exactly? Well, when the pattern calls for this, you’d simply place a stitch marker on the right needle after the last worked stitch.

What does every following row mean in knitting?

inc (or dec) every other row: Increase or decrease on the (usually) right-side row, and then work the following row without increasing or decreasing. Then, on the next (usually) right-side row, work the increase or decrease again.

What does no stitch mean in a knitting pattern?

what does “ no stitch ” mean in a knitting chart? Sometimes in knitting charts the stitch count changes from row to row. As a consequence some rows of the chart will have more columns than are necessary. The squares that are not required in a particular row are “ no stitch ” squares.

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What is a pattern repeat in knitting?

If you’re working a stitch pattern such as ribbing, you work the same combination of stitches— knit 1, purl 1, for example—many times across the row. Instructions that are repeated are termed “ repeats,” and to simplify instructions and save (lots and lots of) space, knitting patterns use special notation for them.

What does yo mean in knitting pattern?

(Do the same thing again the number of times stated in the pattern.) Sl = Slip. (Slip a stitch or stitches from one needle to the other, without working it.) YO = yarn over. (Take the yarn over the needle.)

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