Question: How To Undo A Row Of Knitting?

Can you undo knitting from the bottom?

If the project is worked from the bottom up, that means you will need to turn it upside down. This is the fun part. Take your scissors and snip the yarn in the marked row one stitch away from the right side of the work. Carefully undo the yarn from the first stitches at the right side of the work.

Is it possible to undo knitting from the cast on edge?

Yes’m, you can undo the cast-on edge or just pick up stitches. If you undo the cast -on, be aware that your new stitches will be moved half a stitch over.

Can you take apart knitting?

Use your large eye blunt needle or crochet hook to carefully pick them out. If it’s a piece that was seamed, you ‘ll need to take the seams apart. Using sharp embroidery scissors carefully cut the yarn that was used to sew the seam and not the knitting or crocheting itself.

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