Question: How To Read A Knitting Chart In The Round?

How do you read a knitting pattern chart?

Think of a knitting chart as a visual representation of your project shown from the front side. Each square represents one stitch. Charts are typically read from the bottom up, and the row/round numbers on the side will tell you exactly where to begin. (Usually, it’s in the lower right hand corner.)

What does pm mean in knitting?

Place Marker ( pm ) Some knitting patterns will say place marker in the knitting instructions, or write it as “ pm ”. What does this mean exactly? Well, when the pattern calls for this, you’d simply place a stitch marker on the right needle after the last worked stitch.

What does * mean in knitting pattern?

You will find asterisks used in many different patterns, such as ribbing. That means that you will knit the first two stitches, then purl the next two stitches; then you will knit 2, then purl 2, again, and repeat the steps following the asterisk all across the row until the last two stitches which you will knit.

Does the cast on row count as Row 1?

The cast on itself is not counted, however, some cast on methods create both a cast on and a knitted row. For example, the most popular cast on, the long tail method, creates both a cast on and a knitted row. So in this case, you would count that as the first row.

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Do you count the row on the needle when knitting?

When we are counting our rows from the beginning of a piece, we generally do not count the “cast on” row as a row of knitting. On the other hand, the stitches that are on our needle, do count as a row.

What does no stitch mean on a knitting chart?

A no stitch box means “there’s no st on your needles here”, so you skip that box and go on to the next one that has an action in it. Skip over the no stitch boxes and proceed to the next box. Work the next stitches as indicated by the box after the no stitch boxes. Follow the chart from there on.

How do you decrease a knitting pattern?

How to Skpo in knitting

  1. Insert the right-hand needle into the front of the first stitch on the left-hand needle as if to knit.
  2. Slip the stitch to the right-hand needle.
  3. Knit the next stitch from the left-hand needle.
  4. Pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch and slide it off the end of the right-hand needle.

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