Question: How To Prevent Jog In Circular Knitting?

How do I stop knitting when running?

Meg’s method to avoid the jog (in a nutshell): On a single round of color (say, when alternating single rounds of 2 colors) – when you finish one round and are starting the next round in the 2nd color, make sure to bring the new color strand over the old color (instead of under it) when knitting the first stitch.

How do you prevent stitches from twisting in the round?

A good trick for ensuring your stitches aren’t twisted is to lay the work down on a table after you’ve cast on and make sure all the stitches are facing the same way without a twist before you join in the round or start knitting.

What is a Jogless jog?

A jog in your stripes is created because in-the-round knitting does not stack row upon row of knitting in a circle. When knitting like this you are essentially creating a spiral. Your last stitch of the round will not meet up with the first stitch in the round, it will bee above it.

How do you flatten curls in knitting?

Spray a linen towel or dishcloth with water until it is quite damp, and lay the towel on top of the scarf. Then press the fabric with a steam iron on a high setting (never press directly onto a knitted piece with a hot iron). The heat and steam will stretch the yarn somewhat, relaxing the tension that leads to curling.

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Why are my circular needles twisting?

If you have Boye needles, or something similar with an incredibly stiff cable, they may always twist a bit. One thing you can try is dunking the cord in a cup of near-boiling water for a few seconds, and then holing it taut. That uncurls the cable and makes it easier to work with.

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