Question: How To Measure Foot Circumference For Knitting Socks?

How do you measure sock size in knitting?

How much smaller is up to you, but a good rule of thumb is to knit your socks 5-10% smaller than your foot. To calculate 5% negative ease, multiply your foot measurements by 0.95 so your sock will be 95% the size of your foot.

How do you know how many stitches to cast on for socks?

If you knit from the top-down, as a rule of thumb, you’ll need to cast on around 14 or 15 stitches per needle (56 or 60 stitches total) if you have a regular woman’s size and 16 or 17 stitches per needle (64 or 68 stitches total) for a regular men’s size. and then start decreasing at the toe.

Is sock size same as shoe size?

In the US, a numerical sock size is essentially how long your foot is in inches. This means that a sock size labeled 9-11 is often not a shoe size, but rather how long your foot is in inches. For example, a women’s size 7 shoe is about 9 5/16 inches, so it would fit that size sock no problem.

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How do you know your sock size?

Sock Sizes Sock lengths are usually given by reference to shoe size, but to get a more accurate measure you can stand on a ruler, and measure the longest part of your foot in centimeters. the LARGE size fits the men’s large foot.

How tight should socks be?

Make Sure They’re Snug You want your socks to stretch a little so that they stay in place, so be sure that they’re smaller than your feet and legs. Extra material on your feet can bunch up and cause blisters. Socks that are loose-fitting and too big around your ankles can slouch and rub on your skin.

Should I swatch for socks?

This is why you need to swatch using the needles and yarn that you intend to use for the project, in the knitting style you will be using for the project. Using socks as an example, socks are worked in the round, therefore, your gauge swatch needs to be worked in the round.

What are the different sock heights?

Thigh High Socks

Sock Length Average Height
Crew 6”-8”
Mid-Calf 10”-12”
Knee high 17.5”-18”
Thigh high 24”-32”


How long should I knit my sock?

For the best fit, a sock for an adult should measure about 10 percent—practically speaking, that corresponds to about 1” (2.5 cm)—smaller than the actual leg or foot circumference, and about 1/2” (1.3 cm) shorter than the actual foot length.

How long does it take to make knitted socks?

So a pair of socks in fingering or sock weight yarn is going to have in the neighborhood of about 11,000 to 15,000 stitches. If I were knitting a pair of socks, it would take me: 13,000 sts x 3 sec/st = 39,000 sec = ~10.9 hours.

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Can you knit socks on 2 straight needles?

These easy to knit socks are knitted flat on two needles. Seam with a contrasting yarn for a bit of added fun or matching yarn to hide the seam. A variety of patterns are available for women, men, and children.

What size knitting needles do I need for socks?

Socks are usually knit on size US3s or smaller, so DPNs of this thickness can be quite delicate. Lightweight metal needles can bend and bamboo may crack and splinter, particularly if the knitter has a tight gauge or the pattern calls for a lot of dense increases.

How many stitches are in a pair of socks?

5632 stitches. That makes a total of 21,488 stitches per sock, or 42,976 stitches total. At my typical rate (I timed myself with these needles on this project for accuracy), this is 29 hours of straight knitting.

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