Often asked: How To Make Holes In Knitting?

What is MH in knitting?

(Wilson, NC) In the Odyssey Shawl pattern by Joji Locatelli the directions for row 5 of the lace band asks you to make a hole ( MH ). The directions to make a hole are: With the left needle, from the front, lift up the bar in-between stitches, knit one, yarn over, knit one, yarn over, knit one, yarn over into that bar.

How do you increase 1 in knitting?

An M1 increase is made between two stitches by using the horizontal loop of yarn between the stitch on the left needle and the last stitch knit off the left needle. It can lean to the left or right. This is most visibly obvious in stocking stitch, where the increase is created on the knit side.

What is an eyelet stitch?

You can use the eyelet stitch to make little holes in the fabric more sturdy, much like the buttonhole stitch for buttonholes. This stitch creates a round hole without fraying the fabric. You can adapt the size to a certain degree. In this tutorial, the eyelet stitch is done with a rather small hole in the middle.

What is an eyelet pattern?

We received a request for an example of knitted eyelet stitches. Eyelets are great for decorative purposes, or they can function as a buttonhole or used for lacing. The yarn over and knitting two stitches together allows the yarn to create the eyelet hole.

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