Often asked: Dr Who 4th Doctor Scarf Knitting Pattern?

What size needles for Dr Who scarf?

Plastic is cheaper but can also break and the yarn doesn’t move as easily while knitting. Metal, however, is both durable and its smooth surface ensures stitches slide off as they should. These are wide scarves and needles must be at least 8-10 inches long.

How long is the 4th Doctor’s scarf?

In 1980, Tom Baker played the Fourth Doctor in a series of TV commercials for Prime Computer. In one of the commercials, when asked by the Doctor of his scarf’s length, Prime Computer responds, “It is 7.013 metres exclusive of the loose threads [referring to the tassels]!”.

Who knitted the doctor’s scarf?

The scarf made its debut in 1974’s Robot, supposedly knitted for the Doctor by Madame Nostradamus. Though it got damaged in the following story, The Ark in Space – and was pronounced “irreplaceable” by the Time Lord – he did, in fact, acquire a replacement and his look evolved throughout Tom Baker’s seven-year tenure.

How wide is the Dr Who scarf?

The scarf should be about 10-12 inches wide. It should touch the ground on both sides and make a neck-sized loop.

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Who made Tom Baker scarf?

The origin of the scarf, as history tells us, had costume designer James Acheson picking up a load of wool and asking a knitter Begonia Pope to knit a scarf for Tom, who had taken over the role from Jon Pertwee in 1974.

Why did the doctor wear a scarf?

When it is damaged in The Ark in Space (1975), the Doctor declares with regret that it is “irreplaceable.” According to Baker, the Doctor’s scarf was the idea of costume designer James Acheson.

How old is the fourth doctor?

An incarnation of the Doctor, portrayed by Fourth Doctor actor Tom Baker, who featured in Introduction to the Night gave his age as 700 years old while referring to himself in the third person.

Why did Tom Baker wear the scarf?

Tom loved visual jokes, provided they weren’t too obvious. He was always wanting the scarf to be made longer and longer, so that he could use it for comic business.

WHO IS DR scarf?

Saturday Night Live may be done for the season, but a new digital exclusive pokes fun at the public’s interest in Dr. Deborah Birx’s scarves, as Chloe Fineman plays the physician and coronavirus response coordinator, suppressing her frustration as she leans into people’s fascination with her fashion.

How do you knit a scarf?


  1. Cast On Stitches. Cast on 12 stitches.
  2. Start Knitting. Knit every stitch and every row with the same garter stitch until you have about a yard of yarn left, or the scarf has reached your desired length.
  3. Bind Off Stitches. Next, you need to bind off.
  4. Finish.

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