Knitting: How To Pick Up Neckband Stitches?

How do you pick up neck stitches for cardigans?

1. Thread the tapestry needle with the same yarn that you used for your project and find the center point of the neck of the cardigan. 2. Start picking up stitches from the center out to one side of your cardigan using one of the wooden needles, first along the neck and then down one of the front pieces.

How do you pick up diagonal stitches?

When you pick up stitches along a curved edge, avoid working in the very edge stitch. Instead, work into a stitch or between stitches at least 1 full stitch in from the edge. Your aim is to make a nice-looking line for your border to begin on, not to see how close you can work to the uneven edge of your knitting.

What does pick up stitches mean in knitting?

When we say to pick up and knit, we mean to use yarn to “ knit up ” stitches along the edge. You are to grab the stitch (or some other loop) at the edge of the work with the working needle, wrap the working yarn around it, and pull the yarn through, completing it like a normal stitch.

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