FAQ: What Is An Edge Stitch In Knitting?

What does edge stitch mean?

The edge stitch is the line of stitches used to neaten an edge, a seam or to stitch around the edge of a facing to keep the edge nice and flat and looking professional. The stitching distance is usually 1/8 inch (3mm) from the edge. This technique is common on the edge of denim seams and adds strength and decoration.

What is edge to edge in knitting?

When knitting a piece you have 1 stitch in each side of your work that is an edge stitch. The edge stitch are usually not included in the pattern, and there are different ways to work the edge stitches. Knit the edge sts on rows from RS, and purl the edge sts on rows from WS.

What are the types of edge finishes?

There are several types of edge finishes you can use, among them: serged finishes, pinked seam finish, edge stitch, zigzag seam, hemmed fell seam finish, bound seam, overcast foot, double-stitched finish, fringed edge, piped edge, among others.

Why do the edges of my knitting curl?

The reason it curls has to do with the very structure of the stitches. When you’re working a pattern that has knits and purls on both sides, this difference in stitch size doesn’t matter, but when you’re working in stockinette stitch, where all the knit stitches are on one side of the work, the knitting tends to curl.

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What is called the finish edge of a fabric?

Selvage is the self- finished edge of fabric. The selvages are located on either finished edge of fabric and are made while the fabric is being manufactured, usually on a loom.

What does it mean to finish an edge in sewing?

An edge finish is basically a really thin hem, usually found in garment sewing. The last method is folding a thin hem along the edge and then folding it again so that no raw edges are showing.

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