FAQ: How To Tink Back Knitting In The Round?

Why is my knitting getting wider?

If your knitting is getting wider, it means that you are adding extra stitches or changing your tension along the way. More and/or wider stitches create the extra width. To prevent this, ensure that you are not making any new stitches unless the pattern tells you to.

Can you unpick knitting?

Sometimes, when you are knitting a pattern you can get distracted and knit more rows than what you needed at first. In order to unknit these rows, you have two options: you can do it by undoing them stitch by stitch, though this option is a bit too slow.

Can I undo knitting from the bottom?

If the project is worked from the bottom up, that means you will need to turn it upside down. This is the fun part. Take your scissors and snip the yarn in the marked row one stitch away from the right side of the work. Carefully undo the yarn from the first stitches at the right side of the work.

Can you undo knitting and start again?

Rip out your mistake, turn your work, and start knitting again! Using a needle several sizes smaller to pick up the last row of your ripped-out knitting makes it easier to snag the stitches.

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How do you tink in the round?

Tink is knit spelled backward. Step 1: Insert your main needle into the hole directly below and behind the stitch on your working needle. Step 2: Pull the stitch off your working needle and onto your main needle, undoing the stitching the process. Repeat steps 1 – 2 until you have knit back to your desired stitch.

What does Tink mean in knitting?

Tink is knit spelled backwards, and it refers to undoing one stitch at a time. This is a safe way to undo your knitting because if you do it correctly, you won’t drop a stitch. But when you have more than 320 stitches on the needle, as I do, and you have to go back about four rows, as I did, this could take forever.

How do you tink yarn over?

To tink a yarnover on the current row, simply let it drop off the right needle. If the yarnover was created on the previous row, tink the stitch on the right needle just as you would for a knit or purl stitch.

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