FAQ: How To Measure Armholes In Knitting?

How are arm holes measured?

How to take your body armhole measurement

  1. Put a needle under your arm.
  2. Put the tape measure on your shoulder (where the sweater front would seam to the back)
  3. Drop the tape measure straight down.

How do you measure shoulder and armhole?

Wrap the tape measure from the shoulder to the armpit. Draw the tape measure down over the front of your shoulder and arm, pausing once it hits the center of your armpit. This measurement is sometimes referred to as your Armhole depth.

What is armhole length?

One method is to measure from the shoulder and neck joint to the armpit. This measurement is used to draft the armhole depth on the pattern. In the drawing given below the measurement A-B taken on the body and then is marked from the shoulder- neck joining point.

What is armhole depth?

This is the depth measurement taken away from the body between two levels on your body; the shoulder/ armhole level and the underarm level. When you take this measurement, you are determining the depth of your armhole.

What are shoulder measurements?

Instruct your friend to place the end of the measuring tape at the place where your shoulder meets the top of your arm, or, the boniest part of your shoulder. From there, holding the tape taut, they should stretch the tape straight across to the tip of your other shoulder blade. The measurement is your shoulder width.

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How do you draft Armscye?

To draft the armscye, first measure 5 cm upwards from the underarm line (=point A) And then mark point B in the middle of the shoulder tip and point A. These are your guide marks for the armscye and at the same time will be useful tacks later for a sleeve.

Where do you measure for knitting?

Lay knitting on a flat surface such as a table table or on the floor (not on your lap). Gently smooth out the garment but do not stretch or pull it. For an accurate measurement, place the ruler near center of the garment, not near the knitting needles or near the bottom edge.

What length circular needles do I need?

40cm (16in) are useful for sleeves, hats and bodies of children’s jumpers. 60 or 80cm (24 or 32in) work well for the bodies of sweaters for adults. 100, 120, 140 or 150cm (40, 47, 55 or 60in) are usually used for knitting large projects in the flat, such as the knitted edge a blanket.

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