Looking for a Easy and Cheap DIY Backdrop project? Read on below!

So I was in Walmart a few weeks ago and came across this covering called Magic Cover: Self Adhesive Decorative Covering and then I seen some foam poster board and had an idea! So I bought the Magic Cover and the foam poster board and went home and got crafting! Average cost for this DIY is $10-$11 dollars!

Supplies needed:

  • Readi Board Foam Board, Cardboard or any canvas. You can find these at your local dollar store. I found mine at Dollar General for $1.00. You will only need one of these above.
  • Magic Covering Self Adhesive Decorative Covering 20ft x 18″ Ranging $9-$10. Magic Cover Amazon
  • Scissors

Let’s get started:

First you will make sure your readi board is the designated height of the magic cover roll. You will want to cut your edges of the board slightly shorter than your magic cover roll so you have extra to fold around the sides to overlap at least an inch around.

Next, you will unroll the magic cover and make sure you have enough to cover the board, then you will use your scissors and cut straight across, remember to leave excess to overlap and fold around sides so you have clean edges. They don’t have to be perfect sense you will only be using the center and not the entire makeshift backdrop.

Now you will peel the magic cover off so the sticky part, now it’s ready to be placed on the readi board. Lay the covering over the board and slowly work from one end to the other and flatten, you may have some bumps so try to go as slowly as you can and then work the bumps out as you go. You can also get a small needle and poke holes in the bubbles to release the air stuck under the bumps.

Finally fold the overlapped covering around your board. Voila!! You are done! I hope you liked this easy and diy to make a makeshift backdrop for any items from crochet, knit to any handmade items! Thank you for reading!

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