Taking Better Pictures

I’ve been asked quite a few times what I do to get my pictures so bright so here’s some pointers I use and I am very excited to share them with you!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a picture just right? I’m going to give you a few ways to get brighter photos.

Whether it’d be with your Phone camera or your DSLR you can get brighter and crisper photos.

Step 1: Find a background or backdrop that will clearly show off your item. You can use wooden pallets or even a wood looking photography backdrop. The less background noise the better.

Step 2: Try your best to use natural lighting. (i.e) I have a large open sliding glass door I take most of my pictures in front of. Make sure it’s not in the direct sunlight but the shaded part of natural light that comes through. If taking your photos outside always make sure the sun is shining and take them in the shade that way the sun isn’t messing with the light/contrast of your item. (Whatever you do never take pictures at night or under any kind of fluorescent lighting unless you are using a light box)

Step 3: Take as many angles of your item as you can that way you have lots of options of pictures to post and it gives the consumer an idea of what it would look like in all directions.

Step 4: You can use apps that lighten the photo if the photo seems a little dark. If your exposure happens to be too dark, lighten the exposure. If you have some shadows, lighten the shadows. Don’t overdue brightening the photo it’ll make it less clear and blurry. There are lots of YouTube tutorials on how to lighten photos for future reference.

Step 5: Post your photo or photos and always add a question with the post to help get your followers engaged. That’s it! I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

Thank you for following my blog!

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